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  • Concrete Sawing and Drilling - Brisbane, Loganholme, Wacol & Caboolture

    24 February at 17:49 from atlas

    For Professional Concrete Sawing near Brisbane, Loganholme, Wacol and Caboolture, Call Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling

    In just about every construction process, one of the first steps taken is pouring a concrete slab. Whether for the floor of a home, an exterior area such as a patio or a garage or for another application, these slabs are a literal foundation for many areas around Australia. Rather than just pouring the slab and leaving it though, there are many instances when it will be necessary for you to undertake some concrete sawing and drilling. Brisbane individuals and businesses who require this service will find that it's not an easy "do-it-yourself" kind of job. Whether you need to cut joints into the concrete to avoid cracking later, or you want to run piping call Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling.

    Our professional tradesmen are highly trained with the operation of our concrete drills and safety is always a top rpiority while on any job. When you need fast and efficient concrete sawing and drilling in Loganholme, we are ready to come out to get the job done right.

    Safe, licensed concrete sawing and drilling in Wacol

    • We are fully licensed and our professional tradesmen and the equipment used are guaranteed to meet all required workplace safety regulations. This means that when you call us in for a job, you can count on us to get it done on time and to the required safety regulations. Our company is equipped to handle many specialised jobs that require a trained tradesman. Here are a few of the concrete sawing and drilling services we offer to Wacol:
    • Cutting expansion joints and using Soft Cut. Help prevent cracking of your slabs by cutting grooves into them for stress relief. We use the innovative Soft-Cut system which can begin soon after your slab is first poured, from within hours up to the next morning. The system cuts dry, so you can continue pouring nearby without interrupting work.
    • Core drilling. We are equipped with vertical, horizontal and inverted drilling platforms to allow us to cut circular holes in your concrete where you need them. This is a quick and easy way to provide conduits for electrical wiring, HVAC lines, plumbing and other requirements.
    • Wall and window creation.

    Have a look at our website for more information about the kinds of services we offer and the equipment we use.

    Call us today to make us a part of your next job

    When you need concrete sawing and drilling around Caboolture, call Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling for your next job. Please give us a call on 0416135510 for any enquiries, or send us an email on and we'll get back to you ASAP.