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  • Concrete Cutting - Brisbane, Loganholme, Wacol & Caboolture

    24 February at 17:45 from atlas

    Concrete Cutting for Driveways Available in Brisbane, Loganholme, Wacol or Caboolture

    Has your asphalt driveway cracked and broken to the point where it makes more sense to replace it entirely than to  re-seal the cracks and holes?

    Do you want to add an apron or some other decorative element to a driveway that currently looks a bit dull?

    Do you want to replace a functional but boring asphalt or concrete driveway with a more classic and attractive cobblestone aesthetic?

    If you answered yes to any of the three questions above, then it's time to call Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling in Brisbane. We provide a range of concrete cutting services in areas like Loganholme, Wacol and Caboolture. One of those services, floor cutting, is ideal for cutting into old driveways for removals or improvement projects. Regardless of what your plans are for your driveway, if those plans involve the removal of old materials, Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling can help.

    How Concrete Cutting Works

    When you call Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling for a driveway project in the Brisbane area, we will come to your location, survey the site and determine whether or not we can perform the job as requested. We are able to service most of the Brisbane area.

    Our saws are powerful enough to cut through other materials as well. So whether your driveway consists of concrete, asphalt, stone, brick or some other kind of masonry, you can still count on us for material removals. Like other concrete cutting services in Wacol or Caboolture, our saw blades are strong. The diamond components add extra strength to the blades, allowing them to cut more quickly and cleanly through even the strongest concrete or brick.

    Applications for Driveway Concrete Cutting in Brisbane

    Driveway removals or apron projects are not the only reasons to hire a company like Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling to work on your driveway. If one part of your driveway is heavily damaged, but the rest of the asphalt or concrete is in working condition, a concrete cutting service can make it easier to remove the damaged materials and prepare the site for reconstruction. And if your driveway is fine other than a crack or two, a concrete floor saw is the ideal tool to clean the cracks and prepare them for repair.

    From repair to demolition and replacement, most driveway issues call for a skilled concrete cutting company. Let Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling provide you with the superior, specialised service you need!

    Get in touch today to schedule your concrete cutting appointment in Caboolture, Loganholme, Wacol or most anywhere in Brisbane. You can reach call us on 0416135510, or you can send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you soon!