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  • Concrete Core Drill - Brisbane, Loganholme, Wacol & Caboolture

    24 February at 18:06 from atlas

    Understanding the Use of a Concrete Core Drill in Brisbane, Loganholme, Wacol or Caboolture

    After browsing the website for Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling, you've probably noticed that the majority of our services revolve around using heavy-duty saws to slice through driveways, roads, concrete floors and walls. From concrete removal to concrete maintenance and repair, our concrete drilling services are useful for home owners and commercial businesses alike.

    Another signifficant part of our business at Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling is core drilling. However, since launching our business in 2011, we've found that some clients, particularly first-time business owners don't exactly know what a core drill is or what purposes it can serve. If you're wondering what a concrete core drill can do for your Wacol or Brisbane property, continue reading for a more in depth explanation of this tool.

    What is a Concrete Core Drill?

    The first question to answer is this: what is a concrete core drill? The primary factor that distinguishes core drills from other types of drills is that the drill 'bit' is a hollow, cylindrical structure.The bit is made of metal and coated with either diamonds or carbide for extra strength, a concrete core drill can cut precise, circular holes into walls, floors, ceilings or pipes. Usually, when the Greg's team uses a concrete core drill for a job in Loganholme or Caboolture, we are cutting holes for mechanical systems, electrical conduits, plumbing fixtures, air conditioning components or similar systems.

    Interestingly, these applications, while the most pressing for construction, building maintenance or renovation were not the original intent behind the core drill. On the contrary, the initial idea behind this unique cylindrical drill was actually for application for mining purposes. The word 'core' is used to describe this type of drill because when it cuts a circular hole, it extracts a cylindrical sample of the material being cut or a core. In mining the drill could be used to cut into a rock and extract a sample for subsequent study and analysis.

    Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling came across the benefits of this type of drill. For our purposes, the extraction of the core is incidental. A concrete core drill is useful for building and renovation projects in Wacol or Loganholme because it can cut a clean and precisely sized hole for electrical and plumbing components. At Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling, we will also sometimes use core drilling to create consistently sized holes for fence posts.

    Concrete Core Drills in Brisbane

    At Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling, we always make sure that our vehicles are fitted out with a range of different drill bit sizes. Our bits start at 12mm and up. However, we do have smaller hand-held core drills when smaller circular cuts are required.

    Are you interested in learning more about Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling or our concrete core drill services in Brisbane? Please submit an online enquiry!