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  • Commercial Concrete Cutting - Brisbane, Loganholme & Wacol

    24 February at 17:51 from atlas

    Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling: Your Source for Commercial Concrete Maintenance in Brisbane, Loganholme and Wacol

    The commercial applications for concrete are endless. Concrete parking lots, the floors of parking garages or carports; retail flooring; warehouse flooring; sidewalks; concrete foundations; concrete walls or barriers; the list goes on and on. Versatile and durable, concrete is regarded as the ideal option for commercial and industrial flooring or walling.

    Unfortunately though, concrete is not immune to wear and tear. Over time, concrete slabs can crack, chip or break, requiring repair or replacement. In such situations, Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling can provide the best commercial concrete advice and maintenance in the Brisbane area.

    Introducing Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling

    Founded in 2011, Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling is a family owned and operated business that you can trust. We know concrete like we know our own names. We know how to extend the lifespan of concrete before issues present and we know the best and cleanest ways to remove concrete in circumstances when concrete demolition is a necessity. Our team also consistently meets all workplace health and safety requirements, which will allow for 100% peace of mind.

    If concrete maintenance is what you're interested in, our commercial concrete cutting service in Loganholme or Wacol can provide a few tips

    One of the major services we offer at Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling is expansion joint cutting. When you see a sidewalk, a driveway or a parking lot, you will often notice that the space is not laid out as one giant slab of concrete. Instead, you will see that the concrete slab is divided into smaller, more manageable sections. There is an aesthetic benefit to this process, which is referred to as a 'Soft-cut' in the concrete industry. However, the big advantage is one of maintenance and longevity.

    When lines (or expansion joints) are cut into a piece of concrete, they help the concrete resist cracking. After the concrete is laid, it is going to expand and contract depending on moisture, temperature and various other factors. The expansion joints primarily ensure that, when a piece of concrete fluctuates in size, it cracks along one of the weakened joint lines rather than creating a stray hairline crack. In other words, by making Soff-cuts in the concrete shortly after it is laid, concrete companies can prevent the concrete from cracking and breaking apart.

    At Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling, expansion joints are just one of the services we can provide to maintain or protect your concrete. We can also clean up cracks so they can be filled and repaired, remove sections of concrete that need to be replaced and cut concrete walls and more.

    Learn More about Our Commercial Concrete Cutting Services in Wacol, Loganholme or Brisbane

    Whether you just laid a new concrete floor for your warehouse and want to protect it with expansion joints or need to cut a hole in the wall for a new window or door, Greg's Concrete Cutting and Drilling can help! Call us on 0416135510 to schedule your commercial concrete cutting service in Wacol, Brisbane or Loganholme today.